Emface® Submentum Treatment in Pittston, PA

Reduce your double chin.

Revolutionize neck contouring with Emface® Submentum at Janerich Wellness – Non-surgical, effective, and painless.

Discover the Power of Emface® Submentum at Janerich Wellness

For those seeking a non-invasive solution to reduce a double chin, Emface® Submentum presents a groundbreaking approach, now available at Janerich Wellness. Say goodbye to invasive procedures and hello to a revolutionary method. To learn more, call us at 570-209-9719 for a complimentary consultation, or reach out online to discover how Emface® Submentum can transform your look.

Janerich Wellness is proud to introduce Emface® Submentum, a unique innovation in non-surgical neck treatments. As the only non-invasive solution targeting multiple layers from muscle to skin, Emface® Submentum is quickly becoming a preferred choice for those looking to address concerns around the neck area, including reducing a double chin.

Emface® Submentum operates using a patented combination of synchronized radiofrequency and HIFES muscle stimulation. This advanced technology targets the deeper structures of the neck, effectively reducing the appearance of a double chin without the need for surgery. Patients experience a comfortable treatment with slight pressure and tingling but no pain, bruising, or swelling, ensuring no downtime post-treatment.

Results are noticeable immediately, with full effects visible within 4-12 weeks after the final session. This makes Emface® Submentum an ideal choice for those seeking quick and effective results without the inconvenience or risks associated with traditional surgical procedures.

At Janerich Wellness in Northeastern Pennsylvania, our team of experts is excited to offer Emface® Submentum, a state-of-the-art treatment that aligns with our commitment to providing innovative and effective wellness solutions. Embrace a more confident you with Emface® Submentum at Janerich Wellness, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled care.

Emface® Submentum in Pittston, PA

Your physical appearance plays a crucial role in your life, and enhancing your neck profile can significantly boost your confidence. If concerns like a double chin are affecting your self-image, Emface® Submentum at Janerich Wellness in Pittston, PA, could be the solution you’ve been seeking. Let us help you achieve the refined, youthful look you desire with this revolutionary treatment.

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Benefits of Emface® Submentum Treatment

Emface® Submentum stands out for its unique benefits. This FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure revolutionizes the approach to reducing double chins and refining the neck profile. With its advanced technology, Emface® Submentum not only reduces the appearance of a double chin but also targets the deeper structures of the neck. The result is a more defined neck contour, achieved in a comfortable, quick treatment session.

Clients at Janerich Wellness experience the transformative effects of Emface® Submentum. While individual results may vary, the visible changes in neck contour and reduction of double chins are impressive. Emface® Submentum combines the power of synchronized radiofrequency and HIFES muscle stimulation, offering a comprehensive solution for neck rejuvenation.

This groundbreaking treatment works by targeting the underlying muscles and skin layers, providing a non-surgical solution for those looking to enhance their neck profile. The procedure is painless, with no downtime, making it an ideal choice for busy individuals. Clients can return to their daily activities immediately after the treatment, making it a convenient option for those seeking effective results without interrupting their schedule.

What Is Emface® Submentum?

Emface® Submentum is rapidly gaining popularity due to its effective and non-invasive approach to neck rejuvenation. Unlike other cosmetic procedures that may focus solely on skin surface treatments, Emface® Submentum addresses the deeper structures of the neck. This innovative treatment offers a significant advantage for individuals looking to reduce their double chin and refine their neck contour.

Emface® Submentum is more than just a cosmetic procedure; it’s a technology-driven solution for neck rejuvenation. At Janerich Wellness in Pittston City, this state-of-the-art treatment is reshaping the way we think about neck aesthetics. Clients can expect noticeable improvements in their neck profile, embodying a sense of youth and elegance.

How Beneficial Is Emface® Submentum?

Targeted Treatment for the Neck

Emface® Submentum in Pittston, PA, is specifically designed to address concerns in the neck area, particularly the double chin. This targeted approach ensures effective results, transforming and refining your neck profile.

Reduces the Appearance of a Double Chin

A common sign of aging is the development of a double chin. Emface® Submentum effectively reduces its appearance, leading to a more defined and youthful neck contour.

Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive

Emface® Submentum offers a non-surgical alternative to traditional neck contouring methods. This means you can achieve desirable results without the risks and recovery time associated with surgery, making it a convenient choice for those seeking effective solutions with minimal disruption to their daily lives.

Safe and Comfortable

Emface® Submentum is a safe procedure that avoids the direct use of harsh chemicals or invasive techniques. This ensures a more comfortable experience with fewer side effects, making it a preferred option for neck rejuvenation.

Boosts Confidence

Improving the appearance of your neck can significantly enhance your self-confidence. The results from Emface® Submentum not only make you look better but also feel better, positively impacting various aspects of your life from personal interactions to professional opportunities.

Painless Experience

Emface® Submentum is known for its pain-free approach. The treatment is minimally invasive, offering a comfortable experience with no extreme pain, allowing for a smooth and swift return to daily activities.

Treatable Areas

Targeted Efficacy of Emface® Submentum

  • Jawline
  • Double Chin
  • Neck

Frequently Asked Questions

Emface® Submentum is the only non-invasive solution to target multiple layers from muscle to skin to reduce your double chin. 

No, it doesn’t! Patients might feel slight pressure and tingling. 

No, Emface® Submentum requires no downtime as there is no pain, bruising, or swelling. 

Emface® Submentum is the first procedure to apply a patented combination of synchronized radiofrequency and HIFES muscle stimulation to target the deeper structures of the neck. 

You will start to see improvement immediately. It takes 4-12 weeks to see full results after your final treatment. 

Emface® Submentum Results

The results of Emface® Submentum are remarkable, especially considering the non-invasive nature of the treatment. Clients typically notice a significant reduction in the appearance of a double chin and an enhanced neck contour, contributing to a more youthful profile. The targeted treatment leads to noticeable improvements in the neck area.

Impressive results typically begin to emerge after just a few sessions, with full results manifesting between 4 to 12 weeks. As with any cosmetic treatment, individual results may vary. However, the consistent satisfaction and positive feedback from our clients at Janerich Wellness underscore the effectiveness of Emface® Submentum.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Emface® Submentum?

  • Noticing Changes in Neck Contour.
    This is often visible as a double chin or less defined neck. Emface® Submentum can effectively target these areas, enhancing the neck’s appearance.
  • Preferring Non-Invasive Solutions.
    For those who are hesitant about surgery, Emface® Submentum offers a perfect non-surgical alternative.
  • Desiring Quick Results.
    With Emface® Submentum, noticeable improvements can be seen relatively quickly, making it ideal for those eager to see changes.
  • Having Sensitive Areas.
    Emface® Submentum is an excellent option for individuals with sensitive neck areas, as it is a non-invasive treatment and typically does not cause adverse reactions.

The Science Says It All

Clinical Studies showed that the simultaneous emission of Synchronized RF and HIFES™ energies reduces the effects of the facial aging process.

Wrinkle Reduction*

Lifting Effect*

Increase in Muscle Tone*

How Much Does Emface® Cost?

The Emface® cost in Pittston, PA, can vary widely, usually ranging from $100 to $500 per session. Factors such as the clinic you choose, the professional’s experience, and the extent of treatment needed can all affect the price.

However, it is best to consult our professionals for the exact estimate.

Why Choose Janerich Wellness for Emface® Submentum?

Janerich Wellness stands as a premier provider of non-surgical neck and body treatments, dedicated to delivering exceptional services and results. Our commitment to combining state-of-the-art technology with top-tier professionals creates a luxurious, relaxing environment. Opting for Janerich Wellness means choosing a team that is deeply invested in your aesthetic and wellness goals, with extensive experience in the aesthetics industry to guide you toward achieving them.

  • Exceptional Care.
    We are devoted to offering the highest quality health and wellness services, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled care.
  • Advanced Technology.
    Utilizing the latest techniques and technologies for Emface® Submentum, Janerich Wellness guarantees the most effective and safest treatment experience.
  • Proven Experience.
    Our rich experience and established expertise in aesthetic treatments ensure that you receive outstanding services tailored to your needs.
  • Skilled Professionals.
    Our team of certified professionals is thoroughly trained in Emface® Submentum procedures, ensuring you achieve the best possible results.
  • Comfortable Environment.
    Janerich Wellness is dedicated to creating an inviting, serene, and pristine environment for all our treatments, prioritizing patient comfort and satisfaction.
  • Exceptional Customer Service.
    Our team, including top-notch doctors and friendly staff, is committed to providing impeccable customer service. We conduct extensive background checks on our staff to guarantee the finest care for our clients.

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