The 1st and only FDA-cleared
non-surgical, instant facelift.

The 1st and only FDA-cleared non-surgical, instant facelift.

Experience the Best Non-Surgical Facelift with EMFace in West Pittston, PA

Welcome to Janerich Health & Wellness. We offer advanced treatments to enhance your natural beauty. Located in West Pittston, PA, we are proud to introduce EMFace in Northern Pennsylvania. EMFace is the top choice for a non-surgical facelift. Say goodbye to wrinkles, sagging skin, and dullness—try EMFace in West Pittston today!
This is an innovative non-invasive facelift and helps reduce signs of aging. You can get a youthful appearance without surgery or downtime with EMFace. Residents of West Pittston can experience the future of anti-aging skincare at Janerich Health & Wellness.
Our team of experts is here to guide you through each treatment and provide personalized care. Get younger-looking, smoother skin for a healthier, happier, and more confident you!

Call us at (570) 209-9719 to schedule a consultation for EMFace in West Pittston.

Muscle+30% Muscle Tone
Less Wrinkles; -37% on average
More Lift; +23% on average
Muscle+30% Muscle Tone
Less Wrinkles; -37% on average
More Lift; +23% on average


$200 Off

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A woman lying while undergoing Emface treatment.

Understanding EMFace: The Future of Facial Rejuvenation

EMFace is a new toxin-free and needle-free treatment that makes your skin look younger. It uses special HIFEM energy and RF technology to make your skin healthier from the inside. Unlike regular facelifts that need surgery or shots, EMFace is safe and doesn’t use any toxins. You will see amazing results without much discomfort or needing time off.
At Janerich Health & Wellness, we trust EMFace to make you feel more confident and look younger. Our team cares about giving you the best treatment and making sure you’re happy with how you look. We’ll help you get the fresh, vibrant appearance you want with a non-surgical facelift.

The Science Behind EMFace

EMFace sends special HIFEM energy deep into your skin and muscles. It makes your skin tighter by causing lots of contractions and boosting collagen production of your skin. It also uses RF energy to lift saggy skin and smooth out wrinkles. This enhances your features, reduces wrinkles, and makes your face look better overall.
Other facelifts use toxins or need surgery, but EMFace doesn’t. It’s toxin-free and doesn’t involve any needles or cutting. This makes it a better choice for making your face look younger. With EMFace, you get natural-looking results without any risks or needing time off like you do with regular facelifts. EMFace is the best non-surgical facelift option.

The EMFace Experience: What to Expect From a Non-Surgical Facelift

Your journey to looking younger starts with a visit to Janerich Health & Wellness. In your first appointment, our experts will check your skin and understand your unique needs. They will make a custom plan that suits your skin goals.
The EMFace treatment is quick, painless, and won’t stop you from your daily activities. Using HIFEM technology, we’ll send energy to the parts of your face that need it. This helps boost collagen, tighten your skin, and lift it up. The RF energy will also be applied at the same time. This will improve the contours of your face and reduce signs of aging.
Most clients say the EMFace treatment feels warm and nice, with no discomfort afterward. After your non-surgical facelift, you can go back to your normal routine right away, with no need to rest or wait.

Benefits of EMFace Non-Surgical Facelift

Non-invasive facelifts have become popular with the introduction of EMFace. West Pittston residents can also try it out at Janerich Health & Wellness. EMFace has lots of benefits that help you look younger. Here are some reasons why people love this non-surgical facelift:

Before and After Results with EMFace in West Pittston

See the amazing changes EMFace can make for yourself by checking out our before and after pictures at Janerich Health & Wellness. Watch how the HIFEM technology lifts and tightens your skin, giving you a younger and brighter look.
Our gallery shows real success stories from people who’ve tried EMFace in West Pittston. You can see how it helps smooth out wrinkles and make your skin firmer and softer. These pictures show how well EMFace works to make your skin look fresh again. Visit us and discover the difference EMFace can make for you in Northern Pennsylvania!
*Results may vary

Emface Treatment Areas

Emface is a versatile beauty treatment that treats aging signs in the following:
An image of a woman showing the treatment areas for Emface treatment.

Is EMFace Right for You?

EMFace works for people of any age or skin type. It is the best choice if you want to look younger with a toxin-free, needle-free, non-surgical facelift. EMFace is for anyone worried about wrinkles, sagging skin, or if your face is looking less full. EMFace gives you a fresh, young look without much discomfort or downtime.
At Janerich Health & Wellness, we care about keeping you safe and happy. Our team of experts is trained to use the latest BTL technology, like EMFace. Northern Pennsylvania locals can try this non-surgical facelift that will make you look and feel better. Our team is here to help you revitalize your appearance and feel more confident than ever.
A woman with Emface pads on her face.

Schedule A Consultation For EMFace In West Pittston

Are you ready to try out EMFace and see how it can change your look? Reach out to Janerich Health & Wellness today to book your own consultation for EMFace in West Pittston. Our friendly staff will answer all your questions and help you start your journey to looking younger and brighter with an EMFace non-surgical facelift.

Don’t wait any longer to look and feel your best! Call us at (570) 209-9719 to book your EMFace consultation and discover the power of non-invasive facial rejuvenation with Janerich Health & Wellness.

Emface FAQs

The cost of EMFace treatments in Northern Pennsylvania can vary based on what you need and your treatment plan. Call Janerich Health & Wellness at (570) 209-9719 to set up a consultation and talk about pricing options that work for you.

EMFace usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes. It’s a quick and easy treatment that’s great for fitting into your busy day without messing up your usual activities.
Yes, EMFace is completely toxin-free and needle-free. Our non-surgical facelift uses special electromagnetic technology and radiofrequency to make your skin look better. It’s a safe and effective option instead of regular surgery or injections.


$200 Off

New Client Special

Emface (Bottom)

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$200 Off

New Client Special

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